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STM8 CAN, CAN bootloader

Question asked by gorbachev.yuriy on Nov 29, 2012
Hello! Now I'm in search of design of my project and I really going to use STM8s208 MCS's. Im'm new to STM8 at all.

I need a wired controller network, with about of 20 devices. Every device should be able at any time to send a short message adressed to another controller or a broadcast message. Also, I should me able to program any controller using only this network (no programmers/devices, only via bootloader).
So, main needs need addressing, broadcasting and bootloader.

I have some questions about STM8 MCUs CAN features.
1. Do I need to write a low-level code to form CAN frames, Or I only give and get 8-bytes data arrays in my program?
2. Does beCAN support adressed mesages or I would need to use a special high-level protocol?
3. What about programming only one of twenty devices connected with network? Again, adressing needed. Should I write my own bootloader for these needs?

Thank you!