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STM8S207K6 program jumps not to the right interrupt routine

Question asked by Karl92 on Nov 26, 2012

I am using a STM8S207K6 Microcontroller without a ST-evaluation board

Compiler: Cosmic
Development Tool: STVD

I would like to use different moduls in my project(like UART3, TIM4 .. etc)

Now, i tried to use the interrupt sources of the different modules. And i have noticed, that always the next interrupt routine in the list is called.

For example(TIM4): If the interrupt bit in the Tim4_SR Register is set, the Interrupt nr. 24(EEPROM_EEC_IRQHandler) is called, and not the TIM4_UPD_OVF_IRQHandler.

And i have exactly the same problem with the other modules.

The Files i am using:

- stm8s_it.c V2.1.0   18-November-2011
- stm8s_it.h V2.1.0   18-November-2011
- stm8s.h     V2.1.0   18-November-2011 (not including the conf.h File)
- stm8_interrupt_vector.c 2011

Are there any known Problems like that?

Thank you!