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Not enough torque when using MC PMSM FOC Lib 4.2

Question asked by lee.lino on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Gigi

I am trying to control In-wheel motor for electric scooter. 
Here is what I have done so far....

1. In-Wheel motor : 300W ,   Hall sensor  (Surface Mounted PMSM)
2. 3 Shunt phase current sensing
3. MC workbench PMSM FOC Lib v4.2
4. STM32F407VE,  8Mhz external
5. With these, I setup things in workbench. And programmed into the MCU.
6. Didn't do Motor Profile. 
7. In-wheel motor run finally without load.

But the problem is..   without load, it can run.
But with load, like when put this wheel on the ground, it just stop.
so when I try to stall it by my hand, current goes up a little bit and 
I can feel a bit more torque. But it just stop right away. 
The current that I measured using Multimeter is about 0.15 A.
When I try to stall it..  it is about 0.22A 

What did I miss here?  
For Rs, Ls,  I used default.  for speed control, I use hall sensor.
Speed control period is 50ms. 

I am stuck in this situation.  Please give me some idea.
Thank you.