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Modifying STM32FCubeMX HAL Drivers for UART RX (IT mode) with unknown size data size

Question asked by pdu-fr on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by pdu-fr

I am programming a shell based on HAL UART and I experienced difficulties with the HAL UART API provided with CUBEMX. I was using the non-blocking UART Reveice IO function (IT mode).

I have modified the CUBEMX source code (stm32f4xxx_hal_uart.h and.c) to provided theses functionalities :
- New IO functions from Arduino world : Available(), GetChar()
- UART Receive IT handles a circular buffer to store each received byte.
- Receiving a byte does not disable UART Rx IT.

You will find the source code in the next posts of this thread.

Let me know if you know a better solution. Any feedback is appreciated.