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EWSTM8 of IAR - problems with debugging

Question asked by Yevpator on Sep 21, 2012

In the past I published here in the forum a question about EWSTM8 problems.
I have been in touch with IAR on that and now I have their Beta version. This beta version has solved a problem with crashes as result of Live Watch activation and yet some improvements.
One of the annoying issues with EWSTM8 is breakpoints. 
When breakpoint breaks the program, I can't run or go step-by-step, until the breakpoint is removed, so it is not so convenient. As well, sometimes I see some communication timeout errors. The 1st problem occurs in the most places in my program, but there are some places where it works properly.We have 3 EWSTM8 seats and the problem is visible in everyone of them. Nevertheless, at IAR site the problem is not reproducible, so they're stuck.

I'm kindly asking here, if somebody has been facing the same problem  or have some other issues, to share them here. It would be very important also to get your understanding of the problem.

Thank you,