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Question asked by GDM on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by viola.roberto
Dear all,
I'm evaluating the possibility to perform a STM8 automatic module testing on the target using STVD. Unfortunatly, I have not found any information about the possibility to write scripts on STVD and so I suppose this feature is not available, isn't it?
Is it possibile to access to the STVD source code to have the possibility to extend its functionality?

On the STVD console window, I see it uses the gnu gdb front end for debugging: is it possible to have more info about how it works to debug an STM8 (i.e. customizations, commands)?
I've enabled the logging of the console window and so I've seen what kind of commands are sent to the gdb, but some of them raise an error if I run gdb outside STVD: for example the command "emulator-reset-port-mcu simstm8.cnf STM8AF6266" is undefined.

It could be very usefull to have a short example about how to use directly the STM8 gdb to connect either to a ST-LINK or to the simulator, load an ELF file and go at the "main" entry point...