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STM8S105 _ EXTI interrupts

Question asked by Pellek on Sep 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by shendge.somnath
Hi all.

I'm developping an application on stm8S105S4, requiring among other peripherals, the use of 7 EXTI interrupts.
-2 on port D
-3 on port B
-2 on port E.

Scanning the forum, i ve read there is no ITpending flag to clear for these interrupts, nor status register allowing to see which pin has set the interrupts.

Is there any way to see which pin has triggered ?

I still may change pinning for 2nd run to split EXT ITs on the different ports, but anyway i still need 7 and there are only 5 ports which allow interrupts....
I see a walk around by using timers in input capture mode, but it's not really power efficient...

Anyone has a clue ?