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Nucleo ihm001

Question asked by haller.jack.001 on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by haller.jack.001
Anyone had any luck getting the example project compiled and running for the Nucleo-IHM001? The binaries work fine respectively in both 6step and FOC modes. However when the example provided with SPN7V1.0.0 is compiled and downloaded  the motor just jumps around erratically...

The jumpers are configured for 6step of course, and the motor motor parameters appear to be correct in MC_SixStep_param.h-
#define NUM_POLE_PAIRS          7      /*!< Number of Motor Pole pairs */
#define DIRECTION               0      /*!< Set motor direction CW = 0 and CCW = 1*/ 
#define TARGET_SPEED            3000      /*!< Target speed in closed loop control */ 
#define POTENTIOMETER           1      /*!< Enable (1)/Disable (0) the potentiometer */