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Problems with ICS and Hall Sensors on FOC SDK 4.1

Question asked by spegele.johann on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by Kovac.Daniel

we are using FOC SDK 4.1 with ICS current sensing and State Observer + PLL. A Motor with 21 pole pairs and Rs 11mOhms and Ls 0,017mH runs up to 6000 rpm very well.
 Now changing to Speed / Feedback with Hall Sensor for improved startup give some problems in current regulation. Startup works perfect, currents are near sinusoidal up to 1800 rpm (more perfect on observer + pll). On higher RPM the phase currents look like positon is not right calculated.
The amplitudes of the currents are very different and are not synchronous with the speed for a short time, then be synchronized hard with high current amplitude.
Are there any known limitations with ICS and Hall sensors? Change in the current/hall filtering or engine setups brought no improvement.

Any help will be great.

30.03.2016 Problems solved running smoothly