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STEVAL-IHM040V1 firmware control program for FOC

Question asked by Vishalkrn on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by Gigi
Hello All,

I want to implement FOC for BLDC using STEVAL-IHM040V1.

I am following STM32 PMSM FOC SDK 4.2 Hands-on workshop with hardware tools document.

I have installed all the required softwares.

I am choosing STEVAL-IHM040V1 from STMC workbench and STM32F10X from IAR workspace. I am not sure about which is control program for FOC implementation.

Can anybody explain how to make it happen.

Can somebody guide me about STEVAL-IHM040V1 firmware control program for FOC.

Any help will be great.