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ST Motor Workbench - Placement electrical angle

Question asked by s.ptl.05 on Mar 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by John.Eric
Could you describe how to set "Placement electrical angle". The default value in ST Motor Workbench is 300 degrees.

I have an 8-pole motor with 120 degree spaced hall sensors. I have this set to 60 degrees based off information I found online and I get the most torque at that setting as well. I'm interpreting it as the angle difference between different hall states.

I ask the question because the value of "Placement electrical angle" can be from 0 to 359 degrees and I'd like to understand when that changes. 

From my understanding a value other than 60 degrees shouldn't work properly if using 120 degree spaced hall sensors...but that must not be the case hence the option in ST Motor Workbench.