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Question asked by ddyn on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by David Martins
I have obtained a STEVAL-IHM040v1 board a while ago and worked on it with six-step motor commutation method. But now, İ have to use it with FOC method, so I am trying to use STM32 PMSM FOC SDK in order to configure and control the board.
I have managed to change the GUI for the board and the motor that I'm using. Then I've tried to download the code into the board and it succeeded (I am using IAR EWARM by the way). But nothing happened, it did not drive the motor. Here are the details:

- I disabled the on/off switch option from the Motor Control WB GUI since there is no switch on the board.

- I have entered my motor parameters correctly for sure.

- Checked analog and digital pins one-by-one, they seem correct (I opened the example project for IHM040v1 from ST MC WB, so I think they are correct by default)

- Checked the minimum and maximum voltage supply values from ST MC WB.

- I used the STM32F10x_Workspace and batch built it with selecting STM32100B-EVAL, as suggested on IHM040v1's documents.

- I un-commented the #define DEMOMODE line in main.c, again, as suggested on IHM040v1's documents.

Is there anyone who worked with IHM040v1 and FOC SDK? If so, can you help me with this? Thanks.