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FOC Open Loop reverse

Question asked by matos.vitor.001 on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by Gigi

I'm currently using Open loop mode for debugging my hardware, current readings and such.

I have found by trial and error the best values for the offset and slope of the V/f curve, such that the motors work on the full range of speeds.

However, when I set negative velocities through MCI_ExecSpeedRamp(MCI, Vel, time), the motors do not behave the same as in the positive direction.

If I replace my offset and slope values by the default ones, the motors behave similarly in both directions.

Am I missing some step to make Open loop work with my V/f curve?

On another topic:
How can I obtain the confidential distribution of FOC SDK?
I've phoned ST's sales, which directed me to my local distributors.
I've contacted several distributors on my country. A couple were unhelpful, others had no idea what I was looking for. A couple others said they would redirect my request to ST.
So far I was not able to find anyone who could help me.

How can I contact in ST to help me obtain the SDK?

Best regards