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Usage of SPI1 and SPI2 on STM32L-Discovery

Question asked by gti20 on May 30, 2012
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I am trying to understand the operation of the STM32L-Discovery with the aim of setting up SPI transactions between two STM32L-Discovery devices.


When I look at the specs:


1) SPI1:

SPI1 is defined on PA4, PA5, PA6 and PA7. The signals PA4 and PA5 are available externally down the LHS of the board. PA6 and PA7 however, are tied to the slider and do not appear to be available externally. 


Does this mean that I will not be able to use SPI1 to send/receive signals to another STM32L-Discovery device because PA6 (MISO) and PA7 (MOSI) are always internal signals on the board?



2) SPI2:

SPI2 is defined on PB12, PB13, PB14 and PB15. All of these signals are available externally down the LHS of the board. However, for the default example/operation, which came with the board, these signals are tied to the LCD (SEG12-SEG15). Please refer to Figure 14 of UM1079


Does this mean that I can use SPI2 to pass signals in/out of the device but I will have to strip out the PB12-PB15 signals from the LCD, i.e I will have to change the operation of the LCD to not use SEG12-SEG15?


I have just begun work on this device for the first time, so I would be very grateful for any help.




Thanks in advance