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Motor voltage feedback.

Question asked by wolff.roger on Jan 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by Gigi
Now that I have FOC working on the STM board and the STM "power stage" the next step is to move all this over to my own power stage and logic board. The CPU part can wait, so now I'm working on getting the nucleo to control my own power-stage. 

I cannot simply use the binary that works with the powerstage in the IHM001: My power stage has different logic level combinations for "don't drive", "drive high", "drive-low". Currently I don't have any overcurrent protection. I'll do that "manually" for now. (i.e. a low currentlimit on the lab powersupply, and when everything works I'll move to a LIPO battery that limits the current to 2kA at most. :-).... I'll blow up the powerstage if things go wrong in that case. ) 

Anyway, while re-configuring in the MC suite GUI I could not find a place to specify where the voltage feedback signals go. The IHM001 power stage has the signals, but my current understanding is that those are only necessary for the six-step version of the control software. Correct?