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STM32CubeMX is nice! Where are the examples?

Question asked by crome.caleb on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by crome.caleb
Hi there,
   STM32CubeMX looks like it will be quite nice.  

Where are the example files?

I don't see any example files anywhere.

I'd love to see examples of:
* basic gpio interrupt usage
* DMA to/from I2S/serial port (double-buffered of course)

Am I just missing something or are there really no examples with the STM32CubeMX?

[edit:  somehow I missed the post from only a couple threads back.  The response in that post is basically, "there are none except what's in the manual".  Honestly, the manual doesn't show any meaningful examples.  We really need some examples of the tricky stuff, like interrupts, DMA and USB.  Toggling a GPIO is a good *first* example, but the documentation basically leaves off there].