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STM3221G-EVAL and SSD1963

Question asked by ed@mtrx on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by Chernobay.Vitali.001
I am using the STM3221G-EVAL board and trying to use a a different TFT display than the original that came with the board. The original display is an Ampire display that uses a Ilitek controller ILI9320.
The new display I want to use is a Newhaven display that uses Solomon SSD1963.

I have downloaded  the STemWinLibrary522 from ST website and tried on the EVAL board. This library is supposedly to be configurable to work with different controllers. However, when I ran the STemWimDemo with the Ampire display works fine, but when I switch over the New Haven display I got vertical colored lines. I have changed the LCDConf_stm322xg_eval.c file so the firmware will switch over the SSD1963 controller.

Hardware wise, I made a breakout board to re-route the data lines and control lines and everything there seems to be fine.

I found out later that the vertical colored lines could be an initialization problem. When I looked at the code it looks like the STemWinDemo uses its own init code for the  ILI9320 controller.

My question is: even though the STemWin library support SSD1963, do I need to create my own init code for the initialization of the  SSD2963 controller?