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issue with stm8s207rbt6 and eeprom

Question asked by spectre on Jul 24, 2012

I'm using stm8s library 1.1.1.Cosmic C 4.2.10 Compiler.the mcu is stm8s207rbt6

I'm experiencing an issue writing a byte in the data eeprom while I'm receiving data on the uart3 (tried also on the uart1 and it's the same)

The issue is that I get an unexpected reset of the mcu. I checked all the reset sources flags. and no one is set.. it seems just a reset without a precise reason.

I found a workaround but is not ok for the my application. I have to disable the usart3 rx interrupt using (UART3_IT_RXNE_OR,DISABLE) after every reception and during the intervall I can write inside of the data eeprom without problems..

All the gpio are configured correctly ,Is really strange.. Do you have any suggestion ?