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ST-LINK/V2 not seeng MCU

Question asked by goncharov.sergey on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by steendijk.eric.001
Device: ST-LINK/V2 with firmware V2.J15.S4

i'm trying to connect MCU through the SWIM  in ST visual programmer but always getting "Check the SWIM cable connection and check all the needed pin connections on the SWIM connector." ,on first plug stlink light red, after trying to read mcu memory and getting error message the stlink light-up green led with red and they never switching off.

ive conencted pins: 1-reset,7-gnd,8-vdd,32-data from MCU to the ST-LINK connector, i've tryed to connect reset pin of the MCU to ground directly and then tryed through the 0.1uF to the ground.

i've checked Vсс on ST-LINK( between pin 1 and 3 of the STM8 connector) and can't see any... can someone enlighten me what can i do in this situation? i thought that i must see 3.3 or maybe 5 volts, but there are always zero. on connector i see 1, indicating pin1 so there is no mistake with wires, i've checked pinout in datacheet to ensure one more time that i've not mistaken. no result.asi understand there must be always some voltage or STLINK is poweringup MCU only when programming or debugging?