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ihm001 FOC example.

Question asked by wolff.roger on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2016 by wolff.roger
I have the IHM001 motor control kit. I managed to compile the 6step example from  STM32CubeExpansion_SPN7_V1.0.0 . 

I'm using Linux, and I managed to create a Makefile for the example project.

For FOC it seems I have to use  'STM32 PMSM FOC LIBv4.2', but there I see just a few stmcx files referencing my IHM001. 

Where can I find sources for an example for my board? For example, the sources to the pre-installed app on the included '302 nucleo would be nice. 

(to prevent messing up that pre-installed app, I use my '401 nucleo for testing at the moment.)