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SPI Comm between STM32F103 micro and EVAL6470H board

Question asked by lindstrom.david on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by janowski.piotr
When I send any get or set command from micro to L6470 via SPI, the L6470 always responds with the command byte sent by the micro. It should be either sending the MSB of the get data or a 0 byte for a set command . Can anyone help? I'm using mode 3

In case this isn't clear I'll get a specific example. After reset of system, micro sends Get Config byte of 0x38 and expects to receive 0x2E88. So once 0x38 is sent by micro, the micro sends 0 and expects to receive msb which is 0x2E. Instead the micro receives 0x38. Can anyone explain. Thanks!