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Problems with EWSTM8 of IAR

Question asked by Yevpator on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by Yevpator
I have a project with STM8L151 and I have a dozen of quality issues with EWSTM8.
Since a few days ago, after the upgrade to Win7, I have been facing consantly crashes. It seems to me as it happens because of  LiveView. When it is open with many variables inside, it crashes within a few minutes. Has anybody here been facing a similar problem ?
Maybe other problems ?
I'm asking because I've been checking these issues with IAR, and want to know if these problems are unique for me.
I can share here some of the problems I found out:
1.Breakpoints- if programm stops on it,  I can't step out or run, until this breakpoint is removed. Very annoying bug.
2. If any of  low power modes is being used, in that time it's impossible to break the debugging. I'm not sure if this IAR issue or STM8L limitation. Probably the latter is the correct, since during the low power mode, everything is frozen, so communication is impossible.
3.Can't see constant variables in Watch -not a big deal, but just to mention. 
4. Right click on some vars or on some functions and then "Go to definition" does not work
5. assert() in some cases does not work properly: instead of showing me which assert fails, it enters into the endless loop and show me the name of the file with the full path,but w/o nuber of row.
6.Sometimes double click in order to toggle a breakpoint  does not work properly: instead of toggling, it adds another breakpoint on the same row, so in this way you can pick up a lot of BP onthe same row ! The only way to remove it is to open breakpoints view window and to
remove all these BP there.
7. With Win XP I used to  reinstall the IDE every 2 monthes since something bad with ST-LINK2 Driver was happening.
8. A lot of  Comm timeout error.