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How to configure I2C on STM32F0? How to get full StdPeriph lib for F0?

Question asked by mcuser on May 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by fm
Hi, I'm trying to configure the I2C1 on STM32F0 Discovery board, and can't find any example. (The examples for other families like F1 and F4 are irrelevant because their I2C controllers are different) The StdPeriph library is included in the firmware package, but it seems to be stripped off any I2C examples. Also, the i2c header files mention some mysterious I2C_Timing_Config_Tool that should be used to configure the TIMING value, and this tool is nowhere to be found. It is also probably included in the full StdPeriph library package for F0, but I cannot find that full package for F0 anywhere on

Please help?...