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STM8L101xx SR1 Changing Problem

Question asked by tekdemir.mustafa on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by tekdemir.mustafa
Hi everyone,
I have serious problem about TIMx_SR1 register. This register is  0x07 at the normal time. I finished my code and i am using timer3 everything is ok. Sometimes my timer3 working wrong and i found problem.The problem is SR1 register changing automatically and new value is 0x06. So that update interrupt flag(UIF) is set to zero and after this time TIMER3 always working wrong and not changing this stuation unless upload hex code again to MCU.Can anybody help me? Thanks alot. 
Datasheet says to me(RM0013 page:182/266):
UIF: Update Interrupt Flag
This bit is set by hardware on an update event. It is cleared by software.
0: No update occurred.
1: Update interrupt pending. This bit is set by hardware when the registers are updated:
– At overflow if UDIS=0 in the TIMx_CR1 register.
– When CNT is re-initialized by software using the UG bit in TIMx_EGR register, if URS=0 and
UDIS=0 in the TIMx_CR1 register.
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