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Brake for on-the-fly start-up

Question asked by lam.kf on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by lam.kf

According to the user manual UM1080 p.16,
"The duration of the "braking phase" that is applied if the sensorless measurements doesn't give reliable measurement during the "detection phase". During the "braking phase" the motor is brake in order to stop it before the new acceleration."

However, there are 3 brake strategies, dissipative brake resistor, motor phases short-circuiting & motor phases free-wheeling, in the FOC library. The user manual does not have any detail explanation about the brake strategy being used in the on-the-fly start-up. Below is some questions we'd like to ask.
1. Which brake strategy is being used in the on-the-fly start-up?
2. Can we choose the brake strategy?
3. Any extra circuitry is needed for using the brake feature? If so, would you recommend an evaluation board for our reference.

best regards,
KF Lam