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how to start using PMSM to write FOC ?

Question asked by sapphira on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by Gigi
I downloaded the PMSM Motor Example. I want to fix my own programs, but has no idea .
I just wanted to ask if the external input from ia, ib, via FOC algorithm, the output value of the three-phase voltage to the oscilloscope measurement,

The FOC algorithm as long as I call following below program paradigm can be ?

 PWMC_GetPhaseCurrents(oCurrSensor[bMotor], &Iab);
  Ialphabeta = MCM_Clarke(Iab);
  Iqd = MCM_Park(Ialphabeta, hElAngledpp);

  hElAngledpp = SPD_GetElAngle(oSPD[MC_NUM]);    
  Vqd.qV_Component1 = PI_Controller(oPIDIq[MC_NUM], 
             (int32_t)(FOCVars[MC_NUM].Iqdref.qI_Component1) - Iqd.qI_Component1);
  Vqd.qV_Component2 = PI_Controller(oPIDId[MC_NUM], 
             (int32_t)(FOCVars[MC_NUM].Iqdref.qI_Component2) - Iqd.qI_Component2); 
  Valphabeta = MCM_Rev_Park(Vqd, hElAngledpp);  

  hCodeError = PWMC_SetPhaseVoltage(oCurrSensor[MC_NUM], Valphabeta);

This function is the final output of the three-phase voltage values ?