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Flash Loader Demonstrator + STM8S105

Question asked by pinyol.ramon on Jun 1, 2012
I'm trying to evaluate the use of the "Flash Loader Demonstrator" together with a STM8S105 ("STM8S_Discovery" Eval Board). I attached a MAX232 board to communicate via RS232 (PC) with the UART2. All of this works fine on my own Communications routines.
But when I try to use the Flash Loader, after setting the MCU in "Boot Mode", I always get error messages (like "unrecognized device ... Please reset and try again").
My settings:
1) I used "ST Visual Programmer" to fix the Option Byte: "BootLoader: Enabled". I also read this "tab" with this STVP after, to confirm what I have done: it's OK, BootLoader keeps Enabled.
2) On Flash Loader: COM1, 115200, Parity:None, Echo: Echo Enabled, Timeout: 5s ...are these setting corrects for this device? ...(on UM0560 Manual I read STM8S-32K devices, UART2 settings for Boot Mode are like this, in "reply" mode ...) I suppose "reply" corresponds to Echo Enabled on Flash Loader, isn't it?
3) I reset the device (unplug and plug USB for Discovery Board supply), and then click "Next" on first screen of the Flash Loader, and I get always the error message.
4) I also tried the opposite: first click "Next", and 2nd reset power supply on Discovery board, but I also get error message.

What am I doing wrong?
Is there any other application (free) to evaluate RS232 Flash programming of this device?
Thank you,