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STM32 Discovery + LCD + MISSING PIN??

Question asked by CortexM4 on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 20, 2012 by Rogers.Michael
Hi all,

I'm trying to add an LCD screen to my discovery. I have bought one from ITEASTUDIO (

I'm modifing the stm324xg_eval_lcd.c but I have a doubt!! In the function LCD_CtrlLinesConfig in the SRAM Address lines configuration it uses the PF0 pin as address pin (and from EVAL user manual FSMC_A0)  but in my discovery I don't have any FSMC_A0!!! Only, FSMC_A16, etc...

Can I use this pin (FSMC_A16) as my FSMC_A0 address or is it a problem to drive the TFT_RS pin of my lcd??