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Z80 emulation on a Cortex M3/M4 ?

Question asked by fm on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by ErnieP
Has somebody tried to port a Z80 emulator to a Cortex M3/M4 device ?

I'm experimenting with the emulator core as found there:
My preferred host is this:

I'm quite sure that M3 devices with sufficient controller performance are available.
A full CP/M simulation is out of scope at the moment (mostly because of time...).
The target(s) I have in mind feature 4...20kB ROM and  16..32k RAM, and have a smaller, ROM based "OS", actually more a simple program loader than an OS.
A CP/M emulation (64k RAM) would hardly be possible with a M3 without external RAM.

The host (stm32-lcd) has a display and mass storage, and at least the possibility to add external RAM to emulate the full 64k address range of the Z80.