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Passing -CP to the raisonance linker in STVD

Question asked by stevenb on May 23, 2012
The linker is not case sensitive unless the -C flag is used on the command line 

Does anyone know how to pass this flag from within ST Visual Develop?  I can't just add -C as a user flag as STVD already passes -P and to the linker and the raisonance linker only accepts -CP not -P and -C as separate arguments.  How do I replace -P with -CP in STVD?  For example, can I stop STVD passing -P so I can add the -CP flag?

If the linker is not case sensitive then the c source code needs to be written to avoid the linker seeing, for example, BOB and bob as the same symbol.  Which is giving me major code reuse problems.