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STM32Cube USB Audio class driver bugs

Question asked by gorcs.gergely on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by baroudi.badreddine

I've ported the Audio Speaker demo from SMT32F4xx-G Evalboard to STM32F4-Discovery.
I found some strange things during that.

There is a function in the driver strucure with two possible parameters that can send the audio to the I2S DAC:
  AUDIO_COMMAND_PLAY  which invokes BSP_AUDIO_OUT_ChangeBuffer

Here is the function
  * @brief  Handles AUDIO command.        
  * @param  pbuf: Pointer to buffer of data to be sent
  * @param  size: Number of data to be sent in bytes
  * @param  cmd: Command opcode
  * @retval Result of the operation: USBD_OK if all operations are OK else USBD_FAIL
static int8_t Audio_PlaybackCmd(uint8_t *pbuf, uint32_t size, uint8_t cmd)
    BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play((uint16_t *)pbuf, size);
    BSP_AUDIO_OUT_ChangeBuffer((uint16_t *)pbuf, size);
  return 0;

The comment says we need to pass the size parameter in bytes, and is used that way in upper layers, so clear so far.

However in the BSP packages I can see that these two functions are used different size parameters for the DMA:

BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play uses a division by the sample bitdepth which is correct if we passed the number of  bytes (not samples) to the previous function.
HAL_I2S_Transmit_DMA(&haudio_i2s, pBuffer, DMA_MAX(Size/AUDIODATA_SIZE));

BSP_AUDIO_OUT_ChangeBuffer uses the number of bytes and not have the dvision by 16bits, so it cannot be correct.
HAL_I2S_Transmit_DMA(&hAudioOutI2s, pBuffer, Size);

Can anyone tell my what is the reason behind, or is it just a bug?

Thank you.