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bugs and crash of V 2.2 SPINfamily GUI

Question asked by campbell.david.002 on Apr 9, 2015
The new version (V2.2  has a much improved setting of motor paramaters, and it now works on XP but the GUI still crashes badly so motors cannot be tested.

# GUI crashes hard in both XP and Win 7, in XP = unhandled exception and program terminates

# loses comms between board and PC and must close GUI and restart

# loses communicatinos when motor is run for an hour

# SPEEDregister reads correct value (0.998 s/s), but GUI reports 67 steps per second and reports 670 s/s when motor is running at 10 s/s

# GUI will not accept changes in microstep rate

# Command error reported in GUI when attempting to pass paramaters to the board.

# in setup window (to set motor paramaters), GUI repeatedly crashes in testing ADC level

# loss of comms between PC and board when motor runs a long time

# false register values indicated in Register Map window

GUI has been removed and reinstalled on both XP and W7 machines, still doesnt work.