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Unable to run the example code provided for STM32F207-Evaluation board on STM32F407-Discovery board

Question asked by trivedi.vikram on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 11, 2012 by Clive One
I have purchased the STM32F407-Discovery board.
Earlier I had been working on the STM32 20-21-45-46 G-EVAL board that had STM32F207 series microcontroller.
I had successfully implement own application on STM32F207 series on microcontroller.
Now I am trying to check if the example codes provided with STM32F207 evaluation board such MSC are able to run directly on STM32F407 discovery board without any modification since both the STM32F207 & STM32F407 are pin compatible.
However even though the project is build and loaded on the STM32F407 evaluation board it does not run and states that there has been error in recognizing the device.

Can some one help how to port the code related to STM32F207 on the STM32F407.