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firmware settings questions:

Question asked by kiss.mucus on Mar 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by Gigi

I have 2 little problem:

My Shunt value is  0.0005 ohm. Can i set it somehow in the motor firmware.
The original lowest possible value is 0.001 ohm.

I use 1 shunt settings, and STM32F303VC controller ic. This IC has internal OAMP and comparator.
I want to use the embedded HW OCP protection, but i got warning: A1/A3/A7 used in phase current feedback. 
It is correct because it must be shared pin between oamp and comparator. Why i got error message? Do i miss something?
When i choose the 3 shunt setings, and all othtr settings are same the (A1/A3/A7 one of them)  pin is sahere but no error message.

I modified this example from 3 shunt to 1 shunt, and got error mesage.

If i use external OC protection this settings are works fine.