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STM32F417 and FSMC question

Question asked by wang.jiali on May 9, 2012

We want  to use STM32F415 as the controller in our project with NOR flash as the External Memory.

As the same time we get an evaluation kit named STM3241G-EVAL using STM32F417, which is being with the external SRAM with 16Mbit size through the FSMC interface.

1)      Should we use the same pins with the SRAM for the NOR flash?

2)      What is the difference of the pins and hardware design of FSMC connected between with NOR flash or with SRAM especially according to the official evaluation kit—STM3241G-EVAL supplied by ST?

3)      What is difference between STM32F415 and STM32F417 which used in the STM3241G-EVAL?