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PMSM FOC SDK 4.0 code stucks

Question asked by Mikk Leini on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by Mikk Leini

I can't get PMSM library working. I don't have motor evaluation board, i have self-built board with STM32F303RB and i have F3 discovery. Problem is that program gets lost in library instructions and ends up stuck on strange memory addresses. I have tried Keil u-Vision and IAR EWARM examples with same results. I have tried it on three computers.

Does anybody have a clue why it should stuck?
I have asked it here also:

I have some specific questions also:
Does it matter what Keil or IAR version to use? Should i use the same versions as the library is built with?

Has anybody got the PMSM FOC SDK 4.0 working with their own F3 MCU's?