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Motor control Workbench Monitor via serial error

Question asked by kiss.mucus on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by Gigi

I'm trying to use the serial communication between STM workbench and my board.
This is a STM32F3/F4 discovery board, so there are no LCD interface option.
I apply all the "SystemDriveParams" files, and the result check in the debug window, all paramaters seems correct.
The Tx and Rx pins uses free I/O ports.

I use the stm motor library v4.0 and Keil 5/4 u vision program.

My prolem:
And I can get that to build and run, but can't get it to establish a serial link.
The Fw start on the controller, and start to measure the DC bus Voltage. No any HW error occurred.

The Baud rates are corrects, the HW connectivity correct, the SERIAL adapter checked whith another serial port.

The STM workbench send the first request 'query about the FW version'
The board results of this query something mix. I checked the UM1052 1 4. chapter but i found the first byte of the answer must be xFF  or xF0,  my first Byte: xFE (both board gets back same result)

My question where i need to check the settings of USART or FW?

I tested two kind of USART port USB/and native, on Win XP and Win7 operating system.