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SPI interface b/w ST10F269 and 82C900

Question asked by b.sanoop on Jan 22, 2013
i have the below function to write a single byte to 82C900 via SPI. the µC is ST10F269, have to reuse this code because its a working one, but i am not finding this code appropriate. I have to replace 82C900 with MCP2515 so i want analyse if i can use this routine.

void WriteSingleSSCByte(WORD address,BYTE data)
{ int i;
BYTE page;
WORD lowaddress;
unsigned char *pExCANMem;
unsigned char *pPage;
pPage = (unsigned char*)0x0F007C;
pExCANMem = (unsigned char*)0x0F0000;
page=(((BYTE)(address>>7)) &0x0E );

; while(P3_7 ==0)
; *pPage = page;

; while(P3_7 ==0); *(pExCANMem+lowaddress)=data;

these are the settings for EBC:
SYSCON - 0x8515
BUSCON3 - 0xC469
ADDRSEL3 - 0x0F00

please help me understand the code. in particular "pPage = (unsigned char*)0x0F007C"