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FlexLM Error: -88, FlexLM System clock has been set back issue, PLS HELP!

Question asked by disperse on Jan 2, 2012
Hi All,

Since I accidently changed my system clock to a time in the future and set it back correctly, I get an error when ST Visual Development (using Cosmic in the backgrounds) compiles. It's an license-error more specific: FlexIm error: -88 "System clock has been set back"

So that, this message is appearing

#error cpstm8 C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_32K\Hstm8\modsl.h:1 FlexLM System clock has been set back.

The error is known by COSMIC, I got this information: "FLEXlm checks the computer for files with a timestamp beyond the current date. If there are files with a creation date in the future of what the current system clock reads, FLEXlm will return this error. These files must have been created when the clock was set incorrectly. 

As a result of re-installing Cosmic-32k I was hoping that the problem could go away but still the problem occurs..

I would appreciate If any of you is able to help me to solve this issue..