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Interrupt and PEC handling

Question asked by robison.don on Oct 22, 2012
I've read the manual like a billion times, and still can't find a very conclusive answer. 

If the CPU instruction pointer is is an interrupt service routine, and a PEC transfer is requested.  What happens?  Does it wait for that interrupt service routine to complete then do the transfer, or does it just not get serviced.

The same question for two PECs.  If two PEC transfers are requested at the same time, what happens?  I know one will win arbitration, but what happens to the lower level PEC?  Does it wait till after the higher priority PEC then transfer, or does the request just get discarded and the transfer never happens.

I could also ask the same question for two interrupt service routines.  What happens to the lower level interrupt?  Is it serviced later, or not at all?