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How to configure for dual motor feedback

Question asked by boeh.frank on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by boeh.frank

I am trying to use the FOC4.0 library with dual rotor angle feedback, namely hall plus encoder. I can set this configuration via the GUI (I have to manually edit the generated header files because of a bug in the tool, creating a wrong #define), but when compiling this setting, I end up with compiler errors.

Digging deeper into the code, it seems that the library is not prepared for this configuration. For dual sensor mode, I understand that I will need an interrupt service handler for the encoder, and a second one for the hall sensor. Unfortunately the module containing these handlers just creates one handler that can be configured for the one, or the other, but does not handle both of them.

So I have the question, is this issue known, and perhaps already solved? If not, I would need some help suggesting the necessary additions and modifications.

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