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not stable at slow speeds PMSM FOC

Question asked by Machfax on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by Gigi
I'm working with the motor from maxon:
When I drive the motor at slow speed (50rpm), the Speed is not stable because the resolution of the speed feedback is just +-6rpm. I have an encoder with 2 lines and 500Counts per rotation. I work with the STM32 MC PMSM SDK v3.4.

Other strange thing is that I need to set in the ST Motor control workbench pole pairs 2 and Encoder pulses per mechanical revolution to 1000. I my opinion it should be pole pairs = 1 and pulses = 500. But with this setting the motor doesn't runs and make a lot of noise. With the "wrong" setting the motor is running but not stable and also the rpm readed back from the firmware with the command
ulMeasuredSpeed = UI_GetReg(oUI, MC_PROTOCOL_REG_SPEED_MEAS);
is not correct, its about 2 times too slow, why this?

Why it's not possible to set the speeds in a higher resolution than 6rpm? And how can I change this?

I need urgently help otherwise the project will be killed.

Best Regards