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Getting HTTP POST to work on SPWF04S

Question asked by Arta Riazrafat on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by Arta Riazrafat

Hello, I am trying to get a simple HTTP POST command to work. 


I am using to host a server. I tested the server using curl command in ubuntu, so I know the issue is not there. What I am doing for HTTP POST:

-> Create a file called "helloworld.txt" with Hello World! written in it using the AT+S.FSC command (I get the AT-S.OK)

-> Connect to a WIFI network (I get the WIND:24 message)

-> Send the following command :,/helloworld.txt,,,,,, being the hostname for the server and helloworld.txt is just a file in RAM. 



I am getting: 

AT-S.Http Client Error:0
AT-S.ERROR:111:Request failed


I also tried sending config.fhtml instead of helloworld.txt which is a file in the flash, got the same error. 


EDIT: AT-S.Http Client Error:0 is "Error while resolving Hostname".  Not sure why the hostname is wrong, I am using the same hostname with linux curl. 


Best Regards, Arta R.