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B-L475E-IOT01 Wifi timeout issues

Question asked by Nyix on Jul 11, 2018



I have a B-L475E-IOT01A2 board and problems with the Wifi example.

I have assembled the missing parts for the HSE (8 MHz crytsal) and everything works fine with the USB Host (MSC) example. I also tested all the sensors. But I have big problems with the Wifi sample code. It doesn't matter if I use MSI or HSE as clock source. I can open the http page, but now it comes to a timeout and nothing happens anymore. There is a 10% chance that the timeout will come after opening the http page, 60% after sending an LED command and 30% after sending 2 or 3 commands. I have set some breakpoints in the main routine where we look if it is a POST command. But they are no longer triggered after the timeout appears. The only solution is a reset. I've tested it with several wifis. Always the same problem.

Please help me.


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