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ST10F269 Flash reprogramming, block0 erase problem.

Question asked by blaszczyk.phil on Oct 6, 2010
Hi all,

I'm working on ST10f269 connected to Wiznet 7010A ethernet module. My task is to create a procedure of system self-reprogramming using TCP/IP protocol so that the device could be remotely upgraded without the necessity of going into BSL mode. Internal ROM mapped to segment 0. The new software is written into RAM memory and then the reprogramming procedures are executed from ram. Erase and word programming instructions work correct for every flash block except block0. I wasted days now for finding a solution but it seems that I am stuck. I did not set any block protection. Update procedure works fine starting from block1 up. When I try to erase block0 system hangs up.
Is it possible to erase and reprogram block0 while not in bootstrap mode? How can I solve this issue? I would really appreciate your help!