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BlueNRG-MS hangs

Question asked by blil jahov on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by Antonio Vilei



I'm using BlueNRG-MS to transfer data to host PC running windows 10.

The connection interval is 15ms, slave latency 5, connection timeout of 300 ms. BlueNRG-MS sends 1 notification of 20 bytes each connection (verified using BLE sniffer). Everything seems to work fine.

However, after few seconds of steady link, connection suddenly drops.

Running in debug I see that the connection status is '1' and that no disconnection event was received, even tough device is not connected in windows BLE settings.


I'm running on 32 MHz and 32 kHz clocks if it matters, HS startup time is calibrated, IFR is configured properly.


Any ideas how to solve this?