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STM8S003F3 alternate function configuration

Question asked by Ranjith Shanbhag on Jul 4, 2018



I am working on STM8S003F3 micro controller and unable to configure the alternate functions Timer 2 - channel 1[AFR0], Timer 1 - channel1[AFR0] and Timer 1 - channel 2[AFR0] for PC5/ SPI_SCK[TIM2_ CH1], PC6/ SPI_MOSI[TIM1_ CH1] and PC7/ SPI_MISO[TIM1_ CH2] respectively.

I tried as mentioned below by referring datasheet (page no 42 and 45, attached)

OPT->OPT2 = 0x01;


can some one help me out on this?

it will be really helpful and i can move forward.


Thanks in advance