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GPO interrupt when a message is posted in the mailbox while LPD is high

Question asked by Thierry Didi on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by Thierry Didi

Dear ST team,


I am working with the ST25DV chip (I use ST25DV_Discovery_Ant_C5 hardware conected to my processor with wires). VDCG is connected to VCC. LPD is High while the device is not active. I set LPD Low when a GPO nterrupt is triggered before communicating with the ST25DV. I want to get an interrupt when a message is posted into the mailbox.


If I only configure the GPO_CTRL_DYN register with RF_PUT_MSG_EN and GPO_EN bits to 1, I never get an interrupt if post a message into the mailbox while LPD is High. (of course, If I set LPD Low beforehand and never reset it, I get a GPO interrupt and I receive the message).


If I set all bits of GPO_CTRL_DYN to 1 with LPD High, then I get an RF_ACTIVITY interrupt at the time when the NFC Reader is near to the ST25DV, but I never get an interrupt when I post a message in the mailbox.

  • is it normal ? (If so, I can set LPD Low when the ST25DV detects RF activity so that I will receive the messages posted in the mailbox, but I would like to be sure this is the proper way of doing ...)


Many thanks