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STEVAL-SPIN3201 sample code generated by MC workbench 5.1.1 larger than 32k

Question asked by Diandi Zhu on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Diandi Zhu

Hi there,


I just got a STEVAL-SPIN3201 eva board. I generated a example project(trueStudio) by MC workbench. The code is larger than 32k no matter I use HAL or LL driver. If I enable optimize for code size the code size would be 25.7k if I LL driver when generating the code. For HAL driver, no matter I enable code size optimization or not, the code size is larger than 32k. 


1. Is there any other way to reduce code size?

2. by the way, I tried to use the motor profiler, and I found  STEVAL-SPIN3201 is not supported. Will it be supported later? If not is there any guide for tuning the parameter of the motor?


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