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TIM2_CH1/2 remaping on STM8L051F3

Question asked by Cristian Gyorgy on Jun 30, 2018

Hi everybody!

I have a problem with the TIM2_CH1 output pin on STM8L051F3 (20-pin TSSOP).

In the datasheet (Rev. 3), there are 2 options for the TIM2_CH1 signal: PB0 (pin 10) and PC5 (pin 1); but I cannot find anything in the manual (RM0031 Rev.14) on how to configure/remap the signal.

I setup TIM2 in PWM mode on channel 1, so TIM2_CH1 should output my PWM signal, and it does this correctly, but only on PB0.

Even in STM8CubeMX, PC5 can be configured as output of TIM2_CH1.

Another thing is that in the datasheet we have 2 registers (RI_ICR1 & RI_ICR2) for the TIM1 peripheral, that is not present in the STM8L0513F - is this an error, and in the location of these 2 registers are the registers for remaping the TIM2_CH1/2 signals?

Thank you!